Mormons and Movies
R-Rated movies, Good? Bad? Or Sinful?

Among the youth of my generation, there is a rising tide that says they want to “keep the commandments” yet they seek for every reason to excuse themselves, they look for an ox they can push in the mire so that they in their mind can justify sin.

Sin is a sin when a Ezra Taft Benson a Prophet of God has told us something clear like “Don’t see R-rated movies or vulgar videos or participate in any entertainment that is immoral, suggestive, or pornographic.”  Notice he clumps all those categories with pornography.

The Prophet was CLEAR AS DAY when he warns us “Don’t see R-Rated movies” yet some justify saying, well, the intent and the message of the movie counts. Others will say it is just “Mormon culture” that we are advised not to watch “bad” R-rated movies.

It does not matter If the message is powerful. Take a Movie like American Sniper or 13 hours, from all I’ve read both are bing called “Good Movies” with a “Good message”. It may be. In a matter of fact many people I respect have seen it. And from the stories they tell, it is a good story, that teaches morals. But is a good story a reason to sin? the Prophet has spoken it is up to us to choose, do we follow the Prophet or do we justify watching an R-rated  movie because everyone is doing it?

As for me and my house, we will obey the Lord. I will not watch R-Rates movie.

Also important to note, some people think that because all R-Rated movies are sinful (which they are), that means all PG-13 is not sinful…. Once again listening to only the first word, they’re throwing away the whole message, they did not even listen to the whole sentence! (President Benson told us, ALL R, and any vulgar, immoral, suggestive, or pornographic).

Like times of Old, the Prophet speaks, and then the Priesthood Brethren reinforce it. H. Burke Peterson Said.

Again I say, leave it alone. Turn it off, walk away from it, burn it, erase it, destroy it. I know it is hard counsel we give when we say movies that are R-rated, and many with PG-13 ratings, are produced by satanic influences. Our standards should not be dictated by the rating system. I repeat, because of what they really represent, these types of movies, music, tapes, etc. serve the purposes of the author of all darkness.

So Recap

R is clear cut, the Prophets have spoken telling us don’t.
PG-13 is a warning sign, compare to the standards it may still be a sin.

NOTE, this is not meant to attack Chris Kyle or the men of Benghazi  I personally believe they are heroes.


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