Have you ever heard of a “Social Media Splits”?


It is something that many missions do, including mine, the Machester New Hampshire mission. The goal is to increase exposure of the missionaries, and the gospel using social media. And it is extremely simple to do! Here are the three

First. Contact your local missionaries. Set a time to either have them over to your house or to go out teaching with them.

Second. Take a picture! It can be the meal they’re having with your family, or the lesson they’re teaching your family, or with the investigators you’re helping them teach. It does not matter, just make sure they’re in it, and preferably your in it also.

Third. Post it on social media! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, the more places the better! (From Instagram you can post, and share it to Facebook and Twitter).  Using the hashtag #socialmediasplit and any other hashtags. Normally some good ones are #LDS #Missionaries and #ImAMormon

My mission has seen huge success with using Social Media Splits. And to help get the word out they’re doing a blitz on November 13th-15th 2015. Angela Hughes, the Church’s Public Affairs Director for the New England area even made this handy flier  for us.


A Social Media Split Blitz! You can use the hashtag any time, but this next week there will be a blitz!


It makes it easy to share this with your friends. The more members that know about this effort the more that can help, so please share this with your friends!

An important note Social Media Splits is an organic effort, it is not an official church social media campaign. 

Personally I found this type of social media missionary work extremely effective. During the summer I would always post pictures of the missionaries when I had them over for lunch, I would piggyback on popular hashtags, like #Lunch or #BBQ to help more people see it!

This is super easy! Sign up with your missionaries. Go on splits and post your experiences on social media! Let’s flood the internet, share this picture and spread the word!

Remember to use the hashtag #socialmediasplit

How to do Social Media Splits! #SocialMediaSplits

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