3 Reasons You Should Watch Mormon Yankees,

The Spirit of the Game.


Last week I did not even know what Mormon Yankees was about, but that changed Wednesday night when I was invited to attend the premiere of Mormon Yankees, as I sat there watching this movie it took me back to my mission. Before I can explain why this movie should be seen let me explain a little of the plot line.


The movie follows the true story of Elder Condie a basketball star from Idaho who, while playing at the University of Utah decides to go on a mission. He is called to Australia and when he arrives he is invited to play in part of a pick-up basketball game. After the game, his Mission President declares that it will be the last game he plays on his mission, as he is there to work not play.

At this time Australia is preparing to host the 1956 Olympic games and their basketball coach realizes their basketball team is awful. Bemoaning the fact that they are going to be embarrassed on the national stage the coach laments they don’t even have anyone they can practice with! That is when Elder Condie knocks on the coach’s door. At first, the coach turns them away as he is too busy to talk about God, but then he recognized Elder Condie from the pickup game he played earlier. The coach calls them back and asks them to help the Australian Olympic team, Elder Condie replies that their mission President has banned playing basketball. The Coach goes to the Mission President and asks him to allow the Australian Olympic team to practice against them so that they would not be a disgrace, he is turned down.

Eventually, the First Presidency hears of this opportunity and tells the Mission President  to allow it to happen. So they gather the best basketball Elders in the mission and form a basketball team, the “Mormon Yankees.” Their team ends up practicing not only with the Australian team but they become the practice team for all the other countries and they become national favorites.

Here is the official trailer




Now that you have the basic idea of what the movie is about, the question is, should I watch It? Personally, I say yes. The movie was funny invoking quite a few laughs and the movie itself is good clean entertainment. On top of that if  you can learn a lot from the story of these missionaries 60 years later, here are 3 lessons you can learn and reasons you should watch it.


  • 1st It teaches that we should use our God-given talents to build His Kingdom. 

Elder Condie was a basketball start, he used his God-given talent of basketball to connect with the Australian people, it opened doors that nothing else could’ve opened. It teaches that God has prepared each one of us with our talents and personalities and called us in the exact place where he needs us to build His Kingdom.


  • 2nd. It teaches obedience. 

When their Mission President first turned down the coach, he tried going behind the back of the Mission President and told the Elders what the President did not know would not hurt him. To his total disbelief, they told him they would not disobey, even though they loved Basketball, that their mission was more important. Eventually, their Mission President acting on council from the First Presidency authorized them to form the team, showing that blessings come as we not only use our talents but as we obey our Priesthood leaders. After all, “Obedience brings blessings” ~Elder Robert D. Hales.


"Obedience brings blessings" ~Elder Robert D. Hales.


  • 3rd. It shows that our actions speak louder than our words. 


Elder Condie spent 18 months of his mission with very little success, that changed when they started the Mormon Yankees team. But it was not that they played basketball that softened the hearts of the people it was how they play basketball. They played with integrity and honesty, they had self-control and because of these things it caused the people to love them. Our actions speak louder than our words, and their actions were christlike. Their actions opened the doors so they could then use their words to teach the gospel.


On top of these 3 reasons, it is also a true story. At the premiere, they had many of the original Mormon Yankees there, it was surreal to watch the movie and to realize those players were right next to me. In a world of violence and rated R movies to find not only a good PG film but a true story that inspires everyone to become better.

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