The Baked Bear Ice Cream Sandwich Shop In Farmington
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This past week I had the opportunity to go to the pre-grand opening of the Baked Bear Ice Cream Sandwich Shop in Farmington Utah with my sister and brother in law. The idea behind the baked bear is that you build the ultimate ice cream sandwich.

Step one is to choose your top/bottom, options include a verity of Cookies, Brownies or Doughnuts as your base of your sandwich (Or a Brownie/Cookie bowl).
Step two, choose your ice cream. With flavors ranging from Mint Chip to Rockey Road, and Cookies and Cream and Vanilla, the combinations are almost endless.
Then you can top it off with either a drizzling of fudge or caramel or roll it in cholate chips or oreo bits.
And they even offer a “hot press” where they warm the sandwich up.
All for about $5.

I loved the idea of making your own ice cream sandwich. I do it all the time at home when we make fresh cookies. First thought was Cookies and Cream ice cream on top of cookies and cream cookies with a dusting of oreo crumbs!! Then I saw they had white chocolate chip macadamia nut, and I wanted a white chocolate chip macadamia nut sandwich with butter pecan ice cream and almond bits!! There were so many options!

The cookie station at the baked bear in farmington.
The cookie station.

As I looked at all the freshly baked cookies I realized they had a cookie of the month… I asked what it was and they replied “Pumpkin Spice” … Oh, ya plans changed real quick as I made myself a pumpkin spice ice cream sandwich.  Whereas it might’ve been a “plain” sandwich just a cookie and ice cream it was amazing! The cookie was super fresh and they “hot pressed” it making it warm. My sister had a deluxe cookie with bits of oreo’s and her’s was amazing also!

A pumpkin spice ice cream sandwich from the Baked Bear.
A pumpkin spice ice cream sandwich from the Baked Bear.



I view the baked bear as an awesome date night treat! For less than $10 you can have a deluxe desert and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Station Park in Farmington. It would also make an amazing FHE treat! There will be more locations of the Baked Bear opening up in the coming months in Lehi and Provo.


The Menu at the Baked Bear at Station park in Farmington Utah.
The Menu at the Baked Bear at station park in Farmington Utah.



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