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The Ultimate Missionary Gift Guide!


When it comes to getting gifts for Missionaries it is often hard, here are a few ideas to help you out. Keep in my there are always variables, and this is geared towards Elders (because as a guy that is my specialty).




Whereas this food is often the go-to gift for most people, it is not really the most effective gift you can give missionaries. Food tastes good today but is gone tomorrow. That being said food for foreign missionaries is actually a really nice treat as it reminds them of home.

Before you send a package full of junk food, make sure your missionary is not trying to be healthy. On my mission I weighed 300 lbs at the start and come my 2nd Christmas I had lost 60 lbs, we had been trying super hard as a companionship to be healthy but we kept getting packages of junk food for Christmas. We were very thankful but we ended up giving almost all of it away to other missionaries/ the youth in the ward.

Christmas Goodies from Home, Cornish Maine 2013.
Christmas Goodies from Home, Cornish Maine 2013.




When it comes to getting clothes it may sound lame, but missionaries actually love new clothes, but other than Garments which are ALWAYS welcomed clothing really depends on what the missionary needs. Also, these items are great to get perspective Elders who are preparing for their mission!


Shirts, Suites, and Shoes.


IF your missionary is wearing out his Shoes, Shirt or Suit/Slacks I highly recommend going to MrMac for replacements, that is where I got my clothing before my mission and I never regretted it, in a matter of fact all of it lasted my whole mission! And they have really good deals. Here is their missionary section. http://www.mrmac.com/pages/missionary-clothing

Also, if your missionaries shoes are wearing out a good pair of shoes is a worthwhile investment, I wear  The Ecco Holton Apron Toe Tie Cognac from MrMac, my Trainer from my mission also wore Ecco’s as well as about half of my companions.

ECCO Holton Apron Toe Tie Cognac
ECCO Holton Apron Toe Tie Cognac

PS they also have awesome clothes for the RM who is trying to find his new style, items like their navy blazer or Stance Socks that are super popular and fashionable.




Missionaries commonly lose or gain weight making a new belt something that they often need. On my mission, I lost over 60 lbs and my old belt started to look too big, I had to get a new belt.

That is where the Railtek belt is a game changer, instead of holes ever inch there is a track on the inside of the belt that is ever 1/4 inch. You can also cut the belt to size and it does not get the crease marks that traditional belts get. Basically, railtek belts are super awesome. I personally wear one and get compliments on it all the time.


Railtek Belt Zinc

Click here for the Railtek website catalog




When it comes to ties I’ve always been complimented on my ties, but I’ve never spent more than $15-$20 on a tie. I go to Ross/TJMaxx/Burlington Coat Factory as they have wide selections of ties for really reasonable prices. Normally costing me about $7-$14 instead of the $30-$50 you will pay at other stores, the downside is their selection sometimes is lacking. When I need to go buy a tie and I want to make sure they’ve got the style I want I normally go to either MrMac or Tie One On.


CTR Rings


As missionaries connecting with people is key, I always found that connecting the inner nerd helped me, one of the ways to do that is with the Language CTR Rings that the LDS Bookstore has, they have all the normal languages but also SciFi languages, everything from Elvish, MandalorianHylian and even Dwarvish!

My favorite is the Elvish, it’s the one I wear. People are always asking me about it, giving me the chance to share the Gospel and also the fact that I am a Lord of the Rings nerd, allowing them to see me as a real person.

Elvish CTR Ring

Click HERE for the catalog of CTR Rings!


Gospel Art


One of the least thought of, but most useful gifts for a missionary is something we could give to those we are teaching, something to remind them of the gospel I know it is cliche but on our mission the well-being of those we are teaching is honestly our biggest concern and care.


Brent Borup Paintings


When it comes to paintings I personally know and love a local up and coming artist Brent Borup has some of the most amazing paintings I’ve seen. Here are a few examples of Brent Borup’s work.

Resurrection and the Life by Brent Borup
Resurrection and the Life by Brent Borup


The Salt Lake Temple by Brent Borup
The Salt Lake Temple by Brent Borup

Click here for Brent’s gallery for paintings of Christ, and here for paintings of the Temple.


Jay Bryant Ward Paintings


I actually met Jay this past month at a meeting at Temple square and he told me on his site he sells “mini card” sizes of his artwork that are super cheap $0.50 each! So that missionaries can be given 10-20 of them and they could pass them out to people they teach.

Here are some of those mini card paintings.

Grace of God – Minicard
Grace of God – Minicard by Jake Bryant Ward

Lead Me, Guide Me – Minicard by Jake Bryant Ward.

Lead Me, Guide Me – Minicard by Jake Bryant Ward.


Alan Fullmer Temples


When it comes to Temple photography my personal favorite is Alan Fullmer, his signature mark is temples at sunset. Here are a few examples of his work.


Provo City Center Temple by Alan Fullmer
Provo City Center Temple by Alan Fullmer

Washington DC Temple by Alan Fullmer
Washington DC Temple by Alan Fullmer


Here is Alans full Temple gallery.

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