I had seen trailers for Tim Timmerman, at first I was skeptical. But then I decided to give it a shot. I did not regret it. It starts out really slow in my opinion, for the first bit of the film I was honestly not getting into it. But I found myself laughing and having a great time before long.

One of the things I love about Tim Timmerman is that it is clean family friendly humor. I loved that in his dreams Bill Clinton was his spirit guide, the political references were amazing. I was laughing, there were high schoolers, and even grandparents who were in the theater who were laughing their guts out.

The movie has a good story, amazing subplots with the assassin game and the running political jokes. And the fact it was filmed at my local high school it was nostalgic. Overall, I would go again to see it again. I would not be surprised if Tim Timmerman joined the ranks of the cult classic like Napoleon Dynamite.  

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